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    • Galvanometer fiber laser welding machine

      Galvanometer fiber laser welding machine

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      Fiber galvanometer laser welding machine, uniform spot, high controllability, good welding effect, high-speed galvanometer, high-speed welding, fiber laser electro-optical conversion rate of more than 30%, maintenance-free, cost-effectively higher than YAG Laser.


      1, The fiber laser has high conversion efficiency of electro-optical light, and the conversion efficiency more than 30%. The low power fiber laser adopts air-cooling, which can greatly save consumption, cost and more high efficiency;


      2, The laser only needs electric energy when weldding, does not generate additional gas,low operation and maintenance costs;


      3, The fiber laser adopts the modular design, there is no optical lens in the resonant cavity, no start-up time,no adjustment, no maintenance, high stability;


      4, Good output beam quality,high power density, which is beneficial to weld metal materials, excellent welding ability;


      5, The whole machine fiber transmission, does not require complex mirrors and other guiding system, simple optical path, stable structure, maintenance-free, no consumables;


      6, Add laser plus shutter, it can be divided into multiple channels and multiple units at the same time, easy to expand the function,convenient and simple upgrade;


      7, The fiber laser is small size, light weight, movable and built-in pulse generator;


      Fiber galvanometer laser welding machines is suitable for high-efficiency laser spot welding or sealing welding of mobile phone shields, metal phone casings, metal capacitor casings, hard disks, micro-motors, sensors and other coherent products.

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