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    • Advertising word laser welding machine

      Advertising word laser welding machine

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      Advertising word laser welding machine has small heat-affected zone, small deformation, fast speed, no convex welding spot, no need of polishing,saving time and labor, beautiful appearance, high quality and no porosity advantages.

      1, User-friendly design: comfortable operation and reducing fatigue.

      2, High efficiency, laser welding machine breaks through the traditional, using directional point-to-point welding, faster than ordinary welding 10-15 times.

      3, No consumables, traditional welding requires a lot of consumables, the equipment does not require any consumables, ultra-low energy consumption, saving costs!

      4, Specially designed long focusing lens F=200mm, which can meet the needs of ultra-high font welding.

      5, Smooth welding surface, no polishing,  no black mark, no secondary processing;

      6, Adjustable laser,It can achieve different specifications of the font, pattern welding requirements;

      5, High efficiency, special positioning device, suitable for a variety of irregular specifications of the word pattern welding;

      Advertising word laser welding machine mainly welds metal advertising characters and other metal parts, It also is applied to the rapid precision welding of various stainless steel characters, LED luminous characters, LOGO logos, signs, advertising characters and other products.

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