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    • Fiber Laser Marking Machine

      Fiber Laser Marking Machine

    • Fiber Laser Marking Machine

      Fiber Laser Marking Machine

    • Fiber Laser Marking Machine

      Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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      Fiber laser marking machine is a new generation laser marking machine system developed by OTLASER,which using fiber laser and the high-speed scanning galvanometer system to achieve the marking and engraving. The fiber laser marking machine has high electromechanical light conversion efficiency, more than 30%, using air-cooling cooling, small size,good output beam quality,high reliability,long life and energy saving,which can engrave metal materials and some non-metallic materials.


      1,Air cooling and low energy consumption;


      2,Small size, and imported key components;


      3,High photoelectric conversion efficiency, high beam quality, fine and small spot;


      4,Fully sealed structure with a red light preview function;


      Galaanometer: Singapore's high-speed scanning galvanometer system,The whole system is manufactured with new technology,materials, processes and working principles.


      Field lens: Small size, improving the ability of the edge beam to enter the detector;


      Laser: Excellent beam quality, high photoelectric conversion rate, stable power, good performance, high integration, no consumables, maintenance-free, long life, 15 years of the most stable laser brand laser output.


      Control card:Fast hardware data processing speed, high precision;


      Software: a variety of graphics,text, LOGO, barcode, QR code and other markings, and can achieve medium-sized variable code and other functions, support WIN XP, support PLT PCX DXF BMP, etc;

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