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    • Laser Wood Engraver

      Laser Wood Engraver

    • Laser Wood Engraver

      Laser Wood Engraver

    • Laser Wood Engraver

      Laser Wood Engraver

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      Many people love working with wood. This may be mainly because of its authenticity, excellent grain, and its texture. Laser wood engraver is increasingly proving their worth among woodworker. This is because of the versatility they bring in virtually all woodworking applications.

      The most common applications of laser technology in the wood industry are the wood engraving and cutting. With such applications, woodworkers can come up with many projects such as designing photo frames, personalizing wood items such as knives and even cabinetry works. An excellent wood engraver should be able to work with all types of woods from hardwood, inlays, MDF, alder, veneers, walnuts, cherry to plywood.

      Best Features of a suitable laser wood engraver

    •   Working space

      There is no ideal working space for a good wood engraver. The type of machine you choose will depend on your needs or the requirement of your customer. Different devices have different working dimensions, and therefore you can choose which one best fits your working needs.

    •   Compatible materials

      Even though most wood engravers are consistent with at least all types of wood, it is crucial that you choose a machine that supports other materials as well. This can be of help in the feature in case you decide to venture in other areas. You can select a machine that works well with common material such as plastics, bamboo, rubber, acrylic, among others.

    •   Compatible operating systems

      While selecting your preferred machine, it is vital that you choose a tool that supports many operating systems. This ensures that you are not limited to a single operating system which can come in handy in case of computer breakdown or other technical failures.

    •   Multiple applications

      This refers to the primary use of your machine. A good machine should work best both at home level or industry level. It is common for many people to purchase wood engravers for home use and later decide to turn their passion into a profitable venture. When this happens, you will be on the safe side if you choose a more versatile machine.

    •   Offline control systems

      Choosing a machine that supports offline control systems can come in handy in case of an internet breakdown. It is common for the internet to stop working for some time, in case you experience such a problem, there will be no interruptions to your workflow.

      Other features to watch out for include

    •   Compatibility with many graphic formats

    •   Water-break protection

    •   Affordability

    •   Availability of upgradable engraver and woodcutter

    •   Availability of DIY assembly

    •   Simple and easy to understand installation procedure

    •   Supporting multiple languages

      The best tips for laser engraving and cutting wood

      In as much as the engraved wood looks pretty as a finished product, coming up with a beautiful item can be challenging. The process of engraving wood may seem simple at first, but the technique is more of an art than a process. Here are a few tips to help you came up with a splendid product.

    •   Use denatured alcohol to clean burn marks on your finished product

    •   Utilize hardwoods rather than soft or plywood when engraving larger items

    •   In case you desire a darker engraving, you can burn at 1200 DPI.  This will result in sharp and clear engravings. It also gives your wood a dark contrast against a white surface, making the prints more explicit.

    •   Apply masking tape with little tack to minimize burn stains

    •   Set the laser to focus manually then use a clipper to lower it to 2''. This blocks out the focus area, thereby increasing the darkness of the engraving while at the same time reducing smoke stains.

      For more tips and further details, contact us, and we will be more than willing to serve you. Our team of courteous customer care is ready to answer all your questions. Furthermore, we can also help you get the best laser wood engraver in the industry.

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